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Stories of rice wine

Shaoxing Rice Wine is a mild wine which should be savored slowly so that the layers of pungent undertones can be fully appreciated . In seasons when the temperature is below 10°C, the wine can be warmed to about 40°C to 45 °C before drinking to thoroughly develop the soft yet rich aroma. Meanwhile in the summertime, the rice wine is popularly chilled to around 3°C and...

The making of rice wine

Wine yeast is made in Lunar July, wheat koji in August and fermented rice wine in September. At the beginning of winter, raw materials are put into production, and the brewing process begins. After a distinctively complex fermentation process that lasts over 90 days, the rice wine is carefully stored in clay pots and sealed by mud for several years or even decades.

About Maxmillian Asia Pacific

Shaoxing Rice Wine is also called the old wine because it must go through years even tens of years to mature. It is time that endows it with vibrant life.

Every pot of Shaoxing Rice Wine is stored in the largest cellar in the world where the wine completes its transformation. Gradually the wine accumulates its essence and matures to be sweet and soft, mild and gentle, harmonious and elegant. 

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